Sakura is coming

Since the schedule is getting busier each day as the preliminary thesis presentation is around the corner, thus I wasn’t able to post anything before. Furthermore, I also deleted the temporary post before this post as I got another response, that I hope will solve everything.

Cherry blossom or widely known as sakura will reach its peak bloom by the end of this month, now some of the buds already started to blossom, and most of the early blossom sakura already fell to the ground.


This was the picture of sakura last year, which I took in Ueno park by the end of March. I love this picture a lot, because it represents the beauty and the hope of spring, that shall bring joy and happiness to the people, after a cold winter days before. Hopefully, I can also enjoy the same joy and happiness, after the tough times before.

We are the determinant of our own happiness, not others. Thus, do not let others to bring us down and to hurt us. Wake up, smile, and face the world in front of us with our head straight.

puding mentega

or precisely puding margarin karena saya menggunakan margarin instead of mentega. puding ini harusnya nama lengkapnya puding mentega dan cokelat, karena in fact terdiri dari dua layer, adonan mentega dan cokelat. resep puding mentega nya saya peroleh dari file Natural Cooking Club, untuk pot luck acara pengajian bulanan ibu2 disini. Alhamdulillah walaupun pertama kali eksekusi resep tapi hasilnya memuaskan dan banyak yang suka dengan puding mentega ini. The most important thing karena customer #1 memuji puding ini dan doyan banget nyemilin si puding :) and as usual, the compliment from customer #1 means a lot for me. 

Puding Mentega

recipe by Bundanya Intan Mutiara (as seen in Natural Cooking Club’s file)

bahan puding mentega:

  • 100 gr mentega
  • 1butir telur
  • 100 gr terigu
  • 1 sachet susu kental manis (kurleb 50 ml)
  • 1 sdt vanili
  • 150 gr gula pasir
  • 700 ml air

Cara membuat:

  • mixer mentega sampai lembut, masukkan telur, susu kental manis dan vanili, mixer sebentar.
  • tambahkan terigu, aduk sampai rata, sisihkan.
  • masukkan dalam panci agar-agar, gula pasir dan air
  • masak sampai mendidih, matikan api.
  • masukkan adonan mentega, aduk sampai rata, masak lagi sampai mengental. 
  • tuang ke dalam loyang.

Bahan puding cokelat:

  • 1 bungkus agar-agar
  • 150 gr gula pasir
  • 50 gr cokelat bubuk
  • 700 ml air
  • 1 sdt garam
  • 1 sachet susu kental manis

cara membuat:

  • Campur semua bahan jadi satu, masak sampai mendidih.
  • tuang di atas puding mentega, biarkan dingin, lalu potong-potong dan sajikan.

yang tricky adalah memixer margarin di musim dingin, karena ternyata margarin saya membeku disuhu ruang, dan karena malas untuk mencoba menghangatkannya sedikit hingga agak lembut, jadi saya main mixer aja, dan hasilnya, menteganya bergerindil..hihihi.. keknya selama suhu masih dibawah 10 derajat ga akan mengolah makanan yang berbahan dasar mentega or margarin deh, later if the weather has already warmer :) 



If you’re not 3?, technically your life has yet to begin. Yes, you’re walking around and you’re taking in oxygen and surfing the internet and eating breakfast and, so, to look at it from a distance, you might think, or I might think, this person is alive. But you’re not alive. Not yet. Not until you get to be 3?. Until then, you’re just taking up space, thinking thoughts that aren’t even real thoughts.

Life begins at 3?. Do you get it? if you do, you’re definitely 3? or older. And if you don’t get it, it’s pretty obvious that you’re not 3? yet.

Quoted from a friend of mine (which unfortunately, quoted from another blog) :P  Continue reading

Arigatou for you

Still in busy mode, hehe..since I don’t have a chance to write a lot,thus I just wanna try to share one of my fave song by Depapepe, my fave duo-guitarists from Japan. Arigatou for your nice music that already inspired me during the process of my thesis writing.

And arigatou for you :)

Kyoto trip in Autumn: Day 2. Kinkakuji and Arashiyama

Recently I’ve experienced insomnia, sometimes I suddenly woke up around midnight after three or four hours of sleep, then could not return back to sleep until morning. Horrible, because by the end of the day I often felt so dizzy and red eyes because the lack of sleep. Well, good thing is because I was able to continue the second post of my autumn journey :D  read the first day here


dear momiji, you will surely gonna be missed

The next day, my friend and I went to the northern part of Kyoto to visit the famous temple in Kyoto,Kinkakuji. Continue reading